The newly re-branded ITV Player, ITV Hub is only usually available when viewing within the United Kingdom and so will not work in Australia. You may easily remedy this though by installing a PommyNET account on your device of choice and this will send all of your Internet traffic and via one of our securely encrypted VPN servers located in the United Kingdom, so that you IP address will be changed to the UK, allowing full access to ITV Hub and all other TV players from the UK such as BBC iPlayer and All4 from Channel 4. Although the time difference is huge, if ever you do feel the need to watch live UK TV channels streaming to you in Australia, you may do so when connected to PommyNET by using the TV Player app totally unblocked.

To join simply click on one of the sign up buttons, purchase in PayPal and get started. Remember its no obligation and you can quite at any time.