Using a VPN in any country is always highly recommended as now everyone has the internet on their phones and it is a part of their every day life. When you are on WIFI networks particularly public ones, hackers can sniff out your data packets and steal your information.


A data packet is exactly as it sounds a packet of data that flows from your device back and forth to the internet, Data is broken down to packets and this process has been around since the space race in the late 1960’s. Hackers can sniff out the data packets of any other users on the same public WIFI networks as them and this can be very dangerous, as they can sniff out your banking passwords.

When you use a VPN, you connect to the internet via an end-to-end encrypted connection so that it is impossible for anyone to hack into your data streams.

Using a VPN is great not only for security but anonymity also. When you are online via a VPN, neither your ISP nor local government authority can see what you are doing online. This is great for those who want to download music and movies but for those who do truly believe in online privacy also. If you download when using a VPN, what you have downloaded is your eyes only and so you will not get any threatening letters form your ISP regarding downloading torrents. Also these torrent websites that are otherwise blocked will be unblocked once again so that you can download from them.


Using a VPN when watching Television is a great way of being able to unblock say British TV apps when in Australia. This has been a popular pursuit with British expats for years and allows people to watch apps such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and all other British and American TV apps. If you want to watch say Doctor Who outside of the UK, by far the bets way of doing this is on the BBC iPlayer service via a VPN.

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