My5 is if we are honest, not the worlds most desirable TV app to watch. It is lets face it, not as good as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub or even Channel 4’s All4. My5 is however still worth checking out for some great TV shows though. As crazy as it sounds there are many Brits living in Australia who turn to My5 to watch Neighbours and Home and Away to when it is shown in the UK rather than the advanced Australian times.

If you want to watch My5 when outside of the United Kingdom, you will need to use a VPN otherwise access to this will be blocked. You can download and install a VPN on yoru devices and use all UK only apps and websites when anywhere in the world.

A VPN is a smart piece of technology that switches your IP address to that of one from the United Kingdom, so that you can access UK only apps when anywhere in the world. This can also apply to USA only apps when you use a USA VPN server. Most VPN services have several UK servers and several USA servers as these are the 2 main countries for VPN access for people when they are overseas, as British and American TV content is of course the most desirable.

A VPN is good not just for accessing TV apps abroad, but also for getting encryption between your device and the Internet, so that it is impossible for anyone to hack your data streams. It is also worth using a VPN for downloading, as your tracks are hidden. All traffic via a VPN server is anonymous, so no nasty letters from your ISP telling you not to download MP3 files and movies on Pirate Bay!

Yes using a VPN has its advantages. IPTV has traditionally been a firm favourite with British expats living abroad as it streams live TV channels, however this can often buffer as services are often over-stacked and TV channels can now be streamed easily via a VPN on the TV Catchup and TV Players apps.

So if you have a desire to watch Channel 5 (UK) content when overseas, you can now do so on your devices fairly easily when using a VPN. One thing that does have to be remembered though however is that you do need to switch off location services on your device, as GPS can give away your location even when connecting to the internet via a VPN. This technology can be a little fiddly sometimes but has been simplified by most VPN providers in their product downloads. It does have to be said though, if you are in Spain, Australia or Dubai and wanting to watch British Television… what are you doing inside, go out and actually enjoy yourself… unless you are lazy that is, as we are 🙂

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