Over the years British expats living in Australia have enjoyed many benefits of relocating to Australia over Britain, however one thing that is not quite up to standard is the TV.

For years people have tried expensive and often clunky methods of receiving back home TV via sling boxes and IPTV, there is now fortunately a far cheaper and easier way.

PommyNet offers an unlimited bandwidth multi-sever multi-country VPN service that allows you to easily install and connect to all British Television content, and best of all on any device!

Connecting to our service will switch the IP address of your device to one located in the United Kingdom, so that all online content that would be available to you in the UK will now be available to you in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere overseas for that matter.

In addition to the UK, we also have server located in the United States & Continental Europe, so you can access great USA only TV services such as Fox US, NBC, CBS, Hulu, Crackle and of course the original (& best) US version of Netflix.

Whats great about this method of connecting is that you may use it on your laptop, tablet, smart phone or smart TV box. If for example you install our service on your smart phone you will be able to download and use UK TV apps such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Channel 4 All 4, Demand 5 & TV Player (for live UK TV channels).